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Shandong Lichang Textile Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in February 1999, specializing in high-grade cotton yarn, canvas products and high-grade, new, features textiles R & D and production.

The company has in Italy R9000 rapier, rapier weaving Picanol GT-max, domestic GA747 rapier and accompanying Rieter production BT923 R40 air spinning equipment. The main products: shoes with canvas, canvas labor, home canvas, canvas bags, clothing canvas five categories of canvas products and 6S-40S grade knitted and woven yarn.

The company has independent research, development and production of high-end features the ability of the textile products. Chinese Double Star Group "export shoe production plant in 1999, is the agricultural industrialization key leading enterprise in Binzhou City, China Industrial Textile Association, vice chairman of the unit. Has passed the ISO9000 quality management system certification, environmental management system certification, occupational health and safety management system certification, the State Committee for Standardization AAA level enterprise recognized as a standard of good conduct. Lichang "brand canvas in 2005, has been selected as" Shandong Province Famous Brand "(November 2011 review), this canvas industry in Shandong Province has the only enterprise of the award. 2009 was identified as a provincial enterprise technology center in China's industrial competitiveness of Chinese textile and garment enterprises, Textile Association 2011-2012 500 ", China's industrial competitiveness of the textile industry 10 companies, the China Textiles Industry Association vice president of the unit and is responsible for the revision of the canvas industry standard. In December 2011, the China Textile Industry Association awarded the 2011 Product Development Contribution Award units in September 2010 Lichang "brand canvas was named" Shandong Famous Brand ",2009-2011 for three consecutive years of China's textile industry Association as the implementation of performance excellence model "advanced enterprises, enterprise technology center by the Commission by letter at the provincial level identified as the key technology center at the provincial level, year after year by the Binzhou City Fire advanced unit".

From "Lichang" brand canvas has been assessed as Shandong famous brand since the company pay more attention to their own brand and image building, establish a sound management and security system, continuously improve the product's inherent quality, year of production and operation to a new level, and achievedgood economic returns.

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